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«PBN-Vostok» LLC
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«PBN-Vostok» LLC specializes in use of innovative technologies in agriculture.

Fodder concentrates comprise a line of products various in content and purposes. Each one is developed for animals (birds) of certain kind and age. The product with the trade name «Bazovy-100» 
have showed itself to good advantage within Russian and Belarusian agriculture.
A new trend is mineral-yeasty concentrates «Unimix» (3% to be added to the fodder) are in good demand.
We sell high quality and efficient product.
We offer products that will help you to prevent or treat cattle acidosis and ketosis.
The new market products are products for calves’ hem  «acceleration». They’re made from concentrates processed using a unique technology; they are easily absorbed and stimulate growth of the calves’ papillary layer from the age of 20 days!
Consider any proposals for cooperation.

214000, Russian Federation, Smolensk, Gagarina av., 10/2 (floor 4)
Tel.: (+7 919) 299-61-64
Тel.: (+7 481) 238-71-30
e-mail: pbn-rus@mail.ru

Address: 230023, Belarus, Grodno, Oziorskoye shosse str., 26.

Phone: +375.152.747116. Fax: +375.152.747179.

Site: pbn-vostok.by E-mail:

Category: Food concentrates. Additives

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