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«Dobrush Porcelain Factory» CJSC
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CJSC «Dobrush Porcelain Factory» is the largest manufacturer of porcelain in CIS.

     The CJSC «Dobrush Porcelain Factory» is the sole manufacturer of porcelain tableware in the Republic of Belarus. The factory was founded in 1978.
     Products of the CJSC “DPF” are made with the use of the modern European equipment intended for isostatic and injection moulding. Also, the traditional decorative casting and moulding is used in the manufacturing process. An essential portion of products
undergoes the stage of artistic execution (decoration).
     The output production is of high quality, and it is ecologically safe. It complies with the requirements of international and European standards. Its wide assortment allows to meet the requirements of all categories of customers.
     The tableware of the Dobrush Porcelain Factory is the optimal correlation of price and quality of products.

Dirección: 247050, Belarús, Región de Gómel, Dobrush,Lesnaya St., 8.

Teléfono: +375 (2333) 71-2-12. Fax: +375 (2333) 71-1-50.

Sitio: dfz.by E-mail:

Sección: Porcelana. Cristal. Vidrio.

wide range of porcelain

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