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"Agrokombinat “Dzerzhinskiy" JSC
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Our motto is «We take care of your health!»

Agrokombinat “Dzerzhinskiy” JSC is one of major enterprises of the Republic of Belarus, which produces over 300 types of poultry meat semi-finished and finished products under Fabrika zdorovya trademark.

Output quality control is procured at all production stages.

Products of guaranteed quality, which is acknowledged over and over again by prestigious awards at international competitions and exhibitions, are produced under Fabrika zdorovya trademark.

Address: 222750, Belarus, Minsk region, Dzerzhinsk district, Fanipol, Zavodskaya St., 8.

Phone: +375.17.2170299. Fax: +375.1716.71537.

Site: akd.by E-mail:

Category: Poultry products and animal husbandry. Meatprocessing

poultry meat semi-finished, finished products

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