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«Mogilevkhimvolokno» JSC
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The biggest producer of polyester products:

•    PET for production of molded articles and for reprocessing of PET of food grade;
•    Polyester composite materials, polyester thermoplastic elastomers, polyester fiber and harness: dull, black, highly crimped, hollow, siliconized, bicomponent;
•    Polyester technical thread,  needle-punched polyester fabric: LavsanGeo, LavsanTekh, LavsanFT, spunbonded and geotextile, for roofing materials;
•    Wrapping tape, pre-form from PET, pressure lines;
•    Polyethylene, polyolefin, plastic, PP films.

Address: 212035, Belarus, Mogilev region (Mahileu), Mogilev -35.

Phone: +375.222.499151, 499905. Fax: +375.222.322158, 322070, 322126.

Site: khimvolokno.by E-mail:

Category: Chemical and refinery industry

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