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«Municipal Children’s Centre of Medical Rehabilitation «Praleska» Health Care Establishment
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The children’s centre «Praleska» is a medical establishment for rehabilitation of children in the age from 6 to 14 years old having diseases of respiratory, digestive organs, orthopedic and ophthalmologic pathologies.

The establishment has the following sections: two departments of medical rehabilitation, a physiotherapy department, a gym, a pump-room, a school block for study of children from the 1st to the 9th forms, a canteen, a library, a conference hall, a department having the enhanced comfort bed wards for joint staying of children and their parents for the rehabilitation period.
An extensive list of natural preformed physical and medical factors makes it possible to treat children having major and concurrent diseases.

Electrical therapy, therapy tanks (iodine-bromine, bubble, pine needle and valerianic baths, etc.), massage, hydraulic massage, laser therapy, thermotherapy, bioprontherapy, inhalation, phytotherapy, reflexotherapy, rehabilitation exercises, sauna, swimming pool, mineral water from the original source located on the establishment source, etc.)

Address: 222365, Belarus, Minsk region, 30 Parkovaya Str., a/t Rakov, Volozhinskiy district.

Phone: (+375 1772) 5-23-63, 5-25-70. Fax: (+375 1772) 5-23-62.

Site: cmrpraleska.by E-mail:

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medical rehabilitation, electrical therapy, laser therapy

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