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«Domanovo Production and Trade Plant» JSC
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Domanovo Production and Trade Plant is the producer of sodium silicate in the Republic of Belarus.

The company produces:
• water soluble sodium silicate;
• soda liquid glass;
• potash liquid glass;
• metasilicate nonahydrate and pentohydrate;
• powdered hydrated sodium silicate
(water glass dry sodium);
• powdered hydrated potassium silicate
(water glass dry potash);
• silicate paint;
• silica-acrylic water-dispersible paints.

Address: 225280, Belarus, Brest region, 6 Pervomaiskaya Str., Ivatsevichi district, Domanovo.

Phone: (+375 1645) 5-42-83, 5-42-17. Fax: (+375 1645) 5-43-88, 5-43-96.

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Category: Chemical and refinery industry

water soluble sodium silicate

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