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«Mostovskaya Central District Hospital» Public Health Institution
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We offer commercial services for foreign citizens

We offer the following commercial services for foreign citizens:
• Ambulance call;
• Consultations of therapeutic and surgical specialists (cardiologist, infectious disease specialist, neurologist, therapist, endocrinologist, ophthalmologist);
• Occupational health examinations (neurologist, therapist, ophthalmologist, otorhinolaryngologist, surgeon, obstetrician-gynecologist, phthisiologist, mental specialist, infectious disease specialist, dermatovenerologist, urologist, drug therapist, oncologist, pronouncement of the final expert opinion);
• Laboratory and instrumental examinations (radiation, ultrasound, endoscopic examinations);
• Surgical manipulations;
• Gynecology;
• Otorhinolaryngology;
• In-patient departments (therapeutic, infectious, pediatric, neurologic, gynecologic, surgical departments, anesthesiology and intensive care unit);

Address: 231600, Belarus, Grodno region (Garodnia), Mosty, 55 Sovetskaya Str..

Phone: (+375 1515) 3-31-14. Fax: (+375 1515) 3-32-01.

Site: mostycrb.by E-mail:

Category: Medical provision, service and preparations

сonsultations of specialists, occupational health examinations, Laboratory and instrumental examinations, Gynecology

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