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«Mineral Wax Plant» OJSC
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The modern, rapidly developing enterprise with wide range of petrochemical products for various industries.

Our product range includes:
- candle wax;
- conservation oils and lubricants;
- wax emulsion;
- antiadhesives;
- protective wax;
- model compounds for precise casting;
- grease lubricants;
- lubricating and cooling technological materials;
- chemical reagents for repairing and construction of oil and gas wells;
- special oils.

Address: 222823, Belarus, Minsk region, Pukhovichi district, Svisloch, Partizanskaya st., 2.

Phone: (+375 1713) 24-350, 24-344. Fax: (+375 1713) 24-344.

Site: belwax.by E-mail:

Category: Chemical and refinery industry

Petroleum Paraffin Wax.

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