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Directory of enterprises and organisations in Belarus - Poultry products and animal husbandry. Meatprocessing

"Agrokombinat “Dzerzhinskiy" JSC

Our motto is «We take care of your health!»

Address: 222750, Belarus, Minsk region, Dzerzhinsk district, Fanipol, Zavodskaya St., 8.

Phone: +375.17.2170299. Fax: +375.1716.71537.

Site: akd.by E-mail:

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«Brest meat processing plant» JSC

We will help you to develop your business!

Address: 224014, Belarus, Brest, Pisatela Smirnova str., 4.

Phone: +375.162.277976, 277954, 277980.

Site: brestmeat.by E-mail:

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«Poultry Plant Orshanskaya» branch

«Poultry Plant Orshanskaya» branch is one of the leading producers of eggs and egg products.

Address: 211035, Belarus, Vitebsk region, Orshansk district, Agrotown Babinichi.

Phone: +375.216.58-63-60, 58-63-88,58-78-48.

Site: pticefabrika.com E-mail:

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«Vitebsk broiler poultry factory» JSC

Housewives trust us!

Address: 211312, Belarus, Vitebsk region, 1А, post office Ruba-2, village of Trigubtsy, Vitebsk district.

Phone: (+375 212) 35-04-50, 35-04-05,.

Site: ganna.by E-mail:

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