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"TextilesMarket" LLC

Excellent selection of designer clothing

Address: 690312, Belarus, Minsk region, Minsk district, Zhdanovichsky v/s, 33-6, Tarasovo, room 2.

Phone: +375.17.5022649. Fax: +375.44.5886261.

Site: belarusachka.by E-mail:

Registration date: 12:19 03.05.2018.  Hits: 2801

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«Brest Stocking Mill» OJSC

Brest Stocking Mill OJSC has been one of the largest enterprises of light industry of Belarus producing a wide range of hosiery for men, women and children for more than 40 years.

Address: 224020, Belarus, Brest, Ya. Kupala St., 3.

Phone: +375.162.463489. Fax: +375.162.461425.

Site: bchk.by E-mail:

Registration date: 11:15 07.05.2018.  Hits: 6619

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«Galanteya» OJSC

«Galanteya» OJSC takes the leading position in production and sale of bags and leather accessories in the Republic of Belarus.

Address: 220004, Belarus, Minsk, K. Tsetkin st., 18.

Phone: +375.17.2264310, 2264559. Fax: +375.17.2264319.

Site: galanteya.by E-mail:

Registration date: 12:19 03.05.2018.  Hits: 11483

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«Lenta» OJSC

OJSC Lenta - the leader in Republic of Belarus on production of gardinny products and textile haberdashery.

Address: 212003, Belarus, Mogilev (Magileu), Tcheluskintsev str. 65.

Phone: +375222.422526, 745165,744791. Fax: +375222.744797,744816.

Site: lentabel.by E-mail:

Registration date: 14:12 08.05.2018.  Hits: 6410

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«Uniform» RPUE

Special clothing for complicated situations

Address: 225680, Belarus, Brest region, Luninets region, PB Granitnoye.

Phone: (+375 1647) 43-391, (+375 29) 667-72-69? 138-40-05. Fax: (+375 1647) 43-240.

Site: uniformmchs.by E-mail:

Registration date: 14:41 17.05.2018.  Hits: 1025

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